Group HI
Asphalt Preservation &
Strengthening Contractor


- Spray-on area to be strengthened
- No additional tack or seal-coat needed
- Hardening starts immediately
- Ready for service in 30 mins or less
- Clean-up and storage is easy


Asphalt loading areas/docks, pavement joints, customer service lanes and curbs are vulnerable to failure due to wear & tear and heavy usage.

SOLUTION:  AHT-2.0 treated asphalt is 15x’s stronger than 12-months cured asphalt and the road is ready for use in minutes not hours.

Extreme heat causes asphalt to soften.

SOLUTION: AHT-2.0 does not soften in extreme heat and brittle in the cold.  It mains solid in extreme heat up to 204°C and will not get brittle in the cold.


- Passed 325 PSI-35,000 LBS F-15 Landing Strength Test
- Limited warranty (w/ Group HI Service Agreement)
- Cost-effective
- Treated asphalt area is ready for use in 30 mins or less
 - Broad climate range
- Eight-test sites in three states & 4-years later – no failures