Fiber Optic Design and Installation Services

GHI in partnership with BSEn supports the design and installation of fiber optic cabling to include inside plant and outside plant services in support of fiber extension and network deployment. Using state-of-the-art blown fiber as the backbone, GHI installs security systems, alarms, traffic sensor systems, GPONs, EPONS, and GEPONs.

GHI’s service includes quality control, testing and rehabilitation (outside plant and inside plant) to include deployment of splice and full problem resolution teams.


The MicroDuct solution allows tubes to be filled with fiber in any configuration. Network investment becomes necessary only when justified. This approach can be used for any building type (office or manufacturing) as well as community usage.

BSEn is a licensed trainer and installer for Lite Access Technologies, Inc. (“Microduct”) products and a certified installer for Emtelle products as well as Draka Comptek fiber products. This solution is extremely fast to deploy, has limited impact to the roadway, and is very easy to repair and make operational should and unforeseen event occur that disrupts service. We have deployed networks both inside facilities, aerial, and we have developed our own cutting solutions that allow for fiber optic trenching to be placed at speeds as high as 15 feet per minute, with 3000+ feet completely installed on hard surface areas per day. This process is best used in urban areas where deploying fiber carries an expensive price tag as it greatly reduces cost and time to deploy.