Bio Engineering Systems Construction Services

Group HI's partner BSEn is a leading provider of turnaround, outage, construction and specialty services to the refining, oil, gas, petrochemical and power industries. The management team has more than 30 years experience in field specialty welding services allowing us to be proficient in providing solutions to meet our client’s needs. From maintenance and retrofit projects to outage and construction of new facilities, our skilled craft personnel and rapid response teams offer a complete range of specialty services.
Our craft personnel list includes:

  • Planner
  • Scheduler / Estimator
  • Certified Welding Inspector
  • Certified Welder
  • Fitter
  • Boilermaker
  • Rigger
  • Safety
  • Helper

Typical types of equipment worked on in the refining, oil, gas and petrochemical plants include:

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces and Heaters
  • Reformers
  • Cyclones
  • Towers and Vessels
  • Tubes
  • Compressors
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Power and Process Piping

Additional equipment serviced in the power industry includes:

  • Air Heaters and Fans
  • Ash Hoppers
  • Boiler and Turbine Generator support systems
  • Boiler Auxiliary equipment
  • Burners, including low Knox
  • Burner Assemblies and Igniters


  • Precipitators
  • Scrubbers
  • Superheated Assemblies
  • Water Walls and Economizer replacements

National Board & ASME Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Piping Stamps held by BSEn include:

  • “R”(Repairs and Alterations)
  • “A” ( Boiler Field Assembly )
  • “PP” ( Power Piping )