Services list


Our services are divided into two distinct divisions to focus management efforts.


Our Emerging and Advanced Technology Division provides support for Business Development, Network Solutions, and Engineering Services.


Our Infrastructure Services Division provides support for Fiber Optics, Environmental and BioEngineering Services.


Emerging and Advanced Technology

Business Development Product Shaping Consulting.
Experienced in government and small business procurement processes to provide you with optimized development of your business,product, or project. More
Defense, Healthcare, & Public Safety Network Solutions.
Technical Support Services for a wide range of projects for all phases of the engineering process.More
Complex Installation and Maintenance Engineering.
Value based and performance based solutions and services to assure quality facilities planning and maintenance from installation to day-to-day support.More

Infrastructure Services Division

Fiber Optic Design and Installation Services.
Outside plant and Inside plant Fiber Optic installation for security systems, traffic sensors, commercial and neighborhood purposes featuring MicroDuct products.More
Environmental Services.
From Range Residue Recycling to Storage Tank Cleaning and Facility Support GHI provides a large variety of environmental services to meet your needs.More
Bio Engineering Systems Construction Services.
Partnered with a Leading Provider to supply turnaround, outage, and construction services for refining, petrochemical, and power industries.More